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"Ordered a SAMSUNG TV on 09/30/2005 from digitalkings.com. This company is the worse of the worse. It suppose to be a brand new TV, but they sent me a refurbished one. The total price was $3,478 but somehow they added another $389.42 to the bill. We didn't notice that until it's too late to do anything.


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"also doing business as EDNASHWORLD.COM. the same practices are being done under a new website address. BEWARE!!!"

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"Stay AWAY from these people, they also go by the name TechPro Warranty. Same stories as you all have told....they hang up on you, put you on hold forever, won't stand behing their warranty service. Try to send you refurbished instead of new equipment...just dishonest people. We bought a Sharp 52" LCD in 2007. We have a problem with it now and they are saying we didn't register the warranty so we'll have to wait a yr to get repair. Then he said for us to ship our tv to him and he'll see what he can do, UHHH? YEAH RIGHT! not that stupid. Now he says he'll ship us a refurb but I don't trust we'll ever see that after reading these reviews...plus, who knows what kind it will be and what will be wrong with it. We purchased the tv from ShopDigitalOnline, which is another one of their scam companies. Look them up on the BBB. They have like 10 companies....STAY AWAY....."

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I ordered a 52" LCD tv and received it broken. I refused the shipment and talked to the manager Henry. He attempted to get me to pay for new insurance on the replacement tv. What a scam. I refused and he finally shipped me a new tv. Guess what...smaller sized tv. I refused that and the fun begins. After being jerked around on the phone and promised a phone call back on friday, I had to call Henry on monday to talk about cancelling my order and getting a refund. He tells me it will take 6-8 weeks because they have to submit a claim on my behalf blah blah. I got off the phone before I became unpleasant. When I call back, to ensure he understood my intention of cancelling...he tells me that if a new tv is shipped to me and there is any issue with that one...an immediate refund will happen. This means an immediate refund could happen now. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SCAM ORGANIZATION. Look them up at the NYBBB and find out how honest they are. I have filed with several different people and will edit back with an update. Dont get scammed.

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"Digital Kings is the most currupt internet merchant I have ever dealt with. I purchased a Toshiba Satelite P-15S479 laptop, for $1300.00 and I purchased there extended warranty from there sister company tech-pro. Within one month I experienced numerous problems with the unit.I called Toshiba and they informed me it was a REFURBISHED unit not new.I was furious Digital Kings would not deal with me there warranty company would not replace or fix it until I contacted NY. State Consumer Fraud dept internet div and filed a complaint file#530796 Then the unit came back 4 months later and worked for a month. IT then broke again so I sent it back again having the platinum warranty it was supposed to be replaced ,when mentioned they laughed at me and hung up the phone. After filing another complaint with NY fraud I received the computer back 6 MONTHS LATER with no plug they said they lost it and gave me a websight to order another at my expense. CROOKS LIARS THEVIES DO NOT DEAL WITH I HAVE ALL DOCUMENTS TO SUPPORT THIS REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!"

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"I have decided to remove my review."

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"These guys are low life piece of garbage. Same deal as most of you guys here. Bought a sony tv online for abou $1300. Some jerkoff called me and said he needed to talk to me about the order. So i called him back 2 days later and this guy tried to sell me everything, component cables, HDMI cables, surge protectors, warranties. Within 5 minutes of our conversation the price of the warranty dropped by $300.

After i got off the phone this got me worried. No company will drop their warranty price like that. I went online and found this place, and that's all i needed to see. I called my discover card, told them about it, and changed my credit card number. They said the charge was already authorized so there's nothing i can do to stop it, but i'd have a good case for a dispute. Changing the CC number would prevent them from additional charges.

10 minutes after that i Called Crazy4digital and went through hell. I told this bitch i want to cancel my order, she said that i can't cause it's already been charged, THat was an obvious lie. She then said it was shipped, another lie, she couldn't confirm it.

I called back again telling them that i checked with ups and discover, and it wasn't shipped, and there was no charge applied. Once again, I told her to cancel my order, now she said that there would be a charge for canceling. Bullshit, I told her again to cancel it and again and again.

After being on hold for 10 minutes, another idiot picks up the phone and says with an attitude "Why do you want to cancel"? I said I'm tired of waiting for my tv and i'm tired of dealing with shady people like you. He said he's tired of dealing with me and that he wouldn't cancel it. I asked him again to please cancel my order and he said maybe i will and maybe i won't.


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"This website is just a asshole cheater. Don't trust them. I order an Philips 50 inch Plasma TV 50PF7320A. On the website it says brand new with one year warranty. but we I received it, it actually a renewed one and only has 90 days limited warranty, also the model is one generation elder than what I've ordered, it turn out to be 50PF7220A. When I called them, they said there are no different between 50PF7320A and 50PF7220A, and renowed one just as good as brand new.

They also charged me 100UDS for insurance, which they didn't say before the order.

Even more, after the order my credit card get abused for about 200USD. I high suspect it is related with this deal.

The lessons I learned is "don't buy anything from these fuck cheaters"

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"This so called company is total BS. I purchased a "brand new, sealed in box" 42-inch HD Samsung Plasma TV, only to go thru the same crap you all went through. It showed up in good shape, but in a box with "refubished" stamped on it...WTF. Also had a 90 day photo copy warranty included in my plastic bag of goodies???WTF It was a used or floor or HOT tv. I should have cancelled my order, too goood to be true, my gut said to cancel. The TV lasted almost 11 months. Now I'm trying to get it repaired. F'd once again. STAY AWAY===GO AFTER THESE JERKS===DON'T STAND FOR THIS CRAP===SPREAD THE WORD."

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"I have purchased a LCD television LN-R3228WX through this company on Oct. 28th 2006.
The very next day, I got a phone call regarding my order. Eliot told me it was a never used, never owned model and not to be surprised of the condition of the box. Which I had no idea why he told me that. If it was brand new why would it have a different box in the first
place?Once I was told about the total being charged for the TV, It didn't make sense. On their website all they show available is the TV and Shipping. NONE of what they were charging me as "insurance" b.s. I asked them what was the breakdown of the shipping and insurance and she told me that "I don't really know how it's broken down, but it will show on your invoice" What kind of answer is THAT??????? So I asked for an electronic email copy of the invoice and She (Sarah) said "I cannot send it to you electronically, I can only send it through the mail" Oh god.......I didn't like the final price so I wanted a refund. "Henry" (this name just seems so popular ) told me that the order was already processed and that he cannot give that refund due to credit card company fees NOT
because of the return policy. He told me he would send out a surge protector, and a cleaning kit along with the purchase just to keep me as a
customer. So I decided to give it a try.
Once I received the tv on Nov. 2, I took the TV out and inspected it.This was no joke. There were cracks on the stand for the TV and I know
that this crack cannot appear during shipment. This TV was supposedly BRAND NEW NEVER USED ...HELL NO...it was wrapped in a giant plastic bag.....all tied up. When I removed the wrapper, the TV had dinks and scratches EVERYWHERE. O my god, how the hell are they doing business. Henry kept insisting that it is brand new and he swears it was never used. I took pictures and sent it to them through email. The remote had DIRT in almost
every corner of it without orginal wrapping and it was also scratched all around. The TV manual came used and wrinkled with stains. I was furious. This TV for a fact is used and refurbished. There was no plastic protectant
sealing on the screens, nor did it have any indications of it being new. The box even said it was refurbished! I called Henry furious
requesting my refund and he simply said that he cannot give refunds because once
I purchased it online, I automatically agreed to the understandings of no refunds. You see how he changed the excuse? First he said it was because the credit card company charges them "fees" now he's stating that it is a part of the policy on the website. On the website's return policy, it does not state that the LCD TVs are non refundable. It simply states certain items on that site were non refundable which included "television equipment." So, technically, my product was refundable and he is refusing to give me my refund. I wrapped the shipment back up and had DHL pick it back up. I kept trying to call these people to fight for my refund, and their toll free number doesnt even WORK nor does any of these clowns answer!!! they put you on hold for 30 minutes or more hoping you'd hang up, and have the phone disconnect at their convenience. I don't believe this company even EXISTS after all these complaints!!! what is the law doing???? Next Step Plasma aka Digital Kings are by far the worst fraudulent and shady company alive. Not only was the TV in terrible shape, They didn't even send me my warranty OR my invoice with my shipment. They just slapped on a mailing label with no documents whatsoever!! WHAT KIND OF COMPANY just sends you a messed up TV with NO INVOICE!!???? This fake "company" seems to have multiple issues with consumers and their way of fraud selling. That's not even all, their "warranty" that they're selling is TechPro. One their website, it says that the warranty is with the actual MANUFACTURER. TechPro is their OWN little "warranty" department. I wanted to kick myself knowing I purchased this item through them. I wish I did my research with this company before...what made it worse was that, I bought it through my debit card. Not Credit. So now I have to go through claims and all these tedious steps to getting my money back. BEWARE FOLKS. STAY FAR FAR AWAY.

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"I ordered Panasonic Massage Chair in August 06 that was listed on site as in stock. I called in and and Elliot confirmed the chair was in stock. When I placed the order and called in a couple days to check why the chair is not shipped yet, I was told that by the time the order was processed the chair was sold and I have to wait a week to get it.
Next day I called the boss Henry Sanders and questioned him on when the chair will be shipped. He told me it will be in two three weeks.
After that I cancelled the order.
Don't trust them if they say it is in stock.

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"The worst mistake ever. Stay away. They are not alone. Addresses on web site is fake. Stay away. NY times wrote a whole column on this type of Frauds. The government can't do much at this time. So consumers we have to stick together



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"Looks like I had the exact same experience with these ass clowns that the rest of you did. STAY AWAY!!!

I ordered a Samsung DLP for $1420 + $129 shipping on 5.15.06. It was advertisted as "brand new, factory sealed." I even called them to confirm this. He told me that it was sent back to Samsung to be "reinspected" since it had been on the shelf for a while, but that it was NOT refurbished. I said okay and ordered it.

A few days later, I hadn't received any kind of word from them, so I checked my order status online. Ah hah! The extra $130 charge for "insurance" that everyone else has mentioned had magically appeared. I called and asked them what the hell was going on about that, and he gave me some crap about them having to charge insurance based on what state you live in, blah blah. I lectured him for a moment about how they should have let me know about that BEFORE I placed my order, and he was very apologetic. This was on roughly the 21st of May. He said the TV would ship out the next day and I would receive an e-mail with the tracking number.

Alas, no e-mail the next day. Checked the order status on the website, and it still said "pending." So I waited a week or so. I checked my order status again yesterday and it said "NTN" - which I found out later means "need to notify"....a fancy term for backordered. How was my TV supposed to ship a week ago if it was backordered? Obviously someone was lying to me.

Last night (on 5.31) I started to get suspicious of these guys, so I did some research on them, and I found this website almost immediately, which confirmed my deepest fears. I promptly called my credit card company and told them what was going on. Thankfully, my card hadn't been charged yet because obviously the TV hadn't shipped. They said that since I had given them a heads-up before the charge, I'd have a very good case if I had to eventually dispute any charges with crazy4digital.

I just called today and cancelled the order, which is now reflected on my order status page on their website, AND I made him give me a cancellation confirmation number. I didn't have to fight with him (I believe it was this "Henry" guy that others have mentioned) - I think he could tell that I knew exactly what was going on, and that it wouldn't be worth his time to try convincing me to stay. I must have had a tone :)

I bought the TV at TigerDirect last night for $1499 shipped, and it's DEFINITELY brand-new! I even got a 2-year warranty (after Samsung's expires) for $139, which brought my total up to $1638. That's $30 cheaper than crazy4digital's price, and I'm getting more. I'd say I'm getting a lot more, considering that with TigerDirect I'll actually get my merchandise for the price I agreed to, which is the exact opposite of my experience with crazy4digital.

Again, STAY AWAY. These guys are a 100% shady and fradulent business. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB as soon as possible.

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"STAY AWAY. These guys are running a very shady business. It appears that most problems are related to Samsung DLP tvs. It has been 9 months since I ordered and recieved my 46" DLP from them. As is the case with everyone else, it came as refurbished, not new like they advertised. These guys will say and do anything to get you to buy their product(s). I just filed a consumer complaint with my credit card and they refunded the entire amount of my charge. I have to now go to my other credit card and do the same thing. I split the purchase between two. I plan to recieve a full refund and all you have to do is send in a list of when you contacted Digital Kings and what the outcome was, a copy of invoice, and any other relevant information, and you should have a very good chance of getting your dollars back. I plan to keep my TV (which will randomly shut off/and then sometimes turn back on).
Henry (manager/owner) was completely unwilling to pick up my TV and refund my charge OR exchange it; he played the usual games with me as he does everyone else (read the rest of the reviews and they describe my situation). I'm glad I have recorded my last conversation with him. PLEASE GET YOUR MONEY BACK FROM THEM IF THEY RIPPED YOU OFF. If you have not yet purchased anything from...consider yourself warned - and stupid if you buy from them after reading this.

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"I bought a 56" DLP and a stand from this company. After 8 weeks of calls (and an additional $299.00 for a 3 year extended warranty tech pro) the tv arrived at the end of January! When I called them about the $399 tv stand, they said it was still on backorder.

Called numerous times in February. These people say they will call you back & NEVER do!!! Finally spoke to Henry on March 15. Said he would look into it and call me back in 30 minutes. 3 hours later I call, and after asking who was calling for him, they tell me he went home sick. Actually spoke to Henry on March 16 (he answered the phone!). He said the stand is on indefinte backorder, so he will cancel the order and credit my account. On March 27, the account had still not been credited. I called and spoke with Jason. He said the credit was "pending" in their system and should show up in our account by the end of the week. Was still not credited by April 5, so I called and spoke with Elliott this time. He said that he would personally credit our account "today." On April 17, I spoke with Henry again. He said that he would walk down to the credit department to check the status of the refund. When i asked him if he needed the spelling of my last name, my order #, or my telephone #, he said, "no, its all in your file" and hung up the phone.

It was then that I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan NY (www.newyork.bbb.org) and contacted my credit card company. My credit card company will be investigating, but that doesn't look promising due to the time lapse (my error in thinking that this company was being run by people with integrity & actually believing the item was on backorder) I have also filed a complaint with ripoffreport.com.

I just downloaded and printed a copy of the complaint form for the Office of the Attorney General (Internet Bureau) for New York which I will complete and immediately mail off tomorrow. I am sickened by the unscrupulous business practices of digitalkings!

Have also discovered that most, if not all, states have a Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act. If a company accepts payment and fails to deliver the goods and they are investigated & prosecuted by the Federal Trade Commission, the court will issue "a stipulated permanent injunction banning the individuals/company from using the internet to advertise, market or otherwise offer for sale any goods or services." There are NUMEROUS prosecuted and detailed cases showing the specifics of the cases on the internet.

Please.....if you are or have been a victum of these snakes, please file a complaint so they will get what's lawfully due to them!

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