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"I purchased a voucher for one month pool cleaning and chemical balance on April 19th. I have been trying to get the owner to our home to begin our 30 day voucher we purchased. My husband has also spoken to him with the promise of being at our home by August 10th to begin our services we purchased. My husband spoke to Owner of company today and was told that he no longer is accepting these. He also said to get in touch with Groupon to get money back Originally purchased on living Social website.
The voucher is still good and not expired. Buyer Beware
The customer service Is herrendous and would not recommend this company. ZERO STARS....

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No way to contact LS directly for help

"I bought two vouchers and wasn't able to process them through the sellers' websites. That's not usually a big deal, but when I went back to LS for help all I got was circular links to their robo-FAQ. There was no way to contact them directly for an intelligent answer, which is probably intentional on their part. Fortunately I only spent $24 in total, but I was really looking forward to using those vouchers. Lesson learned."

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treated second class with a livingsocial voucher

"I purchased 2 auto detail package vouchers from 2 different companies. When I went to schedule a detail with the first one they asked if I had purchased my voucher first and when I told them I did they proceeded to try to schedule me 45 days in the future. Two things: first, it seems as if I hadn't purchased the voucher they would have given me the same price and probably fit me in the schedule sooner. I will be leaving a review for them separately. Second, when I called the second place they said they didn't go to my house. He said it was in the small print. I contacted Livingsocial and they said I can give the vouchers to a friend. That's crap. If I wanted to gift it I would have purchased it as a gift. I also wouldn't gift something to someone that isn't good enough for me. I wouldn't want a friend to be treated unfairly. As for Livingsocial's customer service issue.... first if they have a product that schedules out 45 days they should put a warning on there before you purchase and second why would they put a company that is out of my area on my searches when my area is dialed in and attached to my profile? This small print is a joke. Small print is just an excuse for the seller to give bad customer service. There should be a warning to read the small print at check out. STOP read the small print before pressing purchase! A lot of people don't see this. This is why Livingsocial has 1 star as I have just learned."

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"I had the best experience with living social customer service! I bought a bunch of deals from the same place not realizing that I can only use one (total rookie mistake and should have read the fine print)! I emailed living social and it was beyond 10 days since I bought it. They were very nice and decided to make an exception and refunded me for the whole purchase! And they did it within 24 hours and it was awesome!! "

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Outrageous Shipping Cost

"I ordered 10 (8) x (8) Canvas for &36.00. Great price, right? After purchasing the canvas pictures, you are then directed to import your pictures. After that, you are directed to proceed with your order, at which point I was given a $55.00 shipping Fee for (10) 8x8 canvas prints that weigh almost nothing. They do have this in the Fine Print when you make your purchase, but I missed it. That said, you should have the option to cancel your order at that point but no, so I was stuck paying the shipping cost of $55.00 on a $36.00 purchase. Shame on me for not looking at the fine print. Hopefully this review will prevent this from happening to the next Unsuspecting Customer. "

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Crappy products, terrible customer service, no transparency

"I have bought 2 products through Living Social. Both were a total waste of money. One was a camping tent. It tore the day I set it up. More recently I bought was at was advertised as a food sensitivity test. When I received the results of the “analysis” of my hair sample that I sent in, I was shocked. There was explanation of the tests, how they are carried out or the validity of the tests. After a bit of research I determined that the tests are completely bogus, with no scientific basis. The images used in their listing on Living Social are stock photos of a lab, but the “tests” they actually use are no more valid than using a divining rod. I wrote to the seller and asked for a detailed scientific explanation of their tests. They claim the DNA in my hair gives of a “field” that they compare the the “fields” given off by various substances. This is flim flam nonsense. If you think you have food allergies or sensitivities, see a doctor. Do not fall for this snake oil rip off. Oh, there seems to be no way to leave vendor feedback on Living Social if you used an iPad. At least other on-line vendors make feedback easy. Me thinks Living Social is hiding the poor base of advertisers. I will never use Living Social again ."

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Customer service is a joke

"If you plan on everything going right, you'll love your deal. Heaven forbid life happens because trust me, you won't get anywhere with customer service. Dead end. Rip off."

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Goods never received

"On 01/05/17 i entered into a contract with Living Social
On the 03/05/17 I got an e mail saying the goods were dispatched with a courier today 21/05/17 I still have not received anything.
They are a complete nightmare to deal with and are only interested in taking money and leaving you with a mess.
They cannot be contacted by e mail the e mails bounce back (I have proof)
If you ring the helpline number it invokes a clause involving waiting 72 hours for the issue to be investigated.
I did this twice and basically it really means kick the can down the road.
I wish I never had anything to do with them and in my opinion they should not be allowed to trade

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Living Social - Where customer service is just a rumor

"On 9/20/16 I purchased a voucher for the online version of the New York Defensive Driving Course. It's supposed to be good until 9/20/2021, with the promotional values expiring on 12/19/16. Today is 12/11/16. I tried to access my voucher today to sit down and take the course. When I went to "My Vouchers" it wasn't there. I explored my purchase history and found my voucher was marked "used". ****! Just like that I am out $51.00.
So I thought I would contact Living Social to sort this out. I went looking for a "Contact Us" link. No such link exists. They have set up a labyrinth of pre-set questions that does not allow you to deviate from the ones they want to answer. It is impossible to get my particular issue addressed. I finally did find a telephone number, which is active M-F 9 AM - 8 PM. Today is Sunday, so of course there is no one to talk to. On Monday 12/12/16 I called their so-called customer service line. The recorded message gave me that tired old chestnut "due to higher than usual call volume" my expected wait time was 10 minutes. As I write this I have been waiting 49 minutes. Their stupid music and ad promos are playing, so I know I'm still connected. It's clear they have no intention of answering anybody's calls.
I've been a Living Social customer for a long time, but this experience has soured me completely. And now they are merging with Groupon. As if combining two rotten eggs will make a more pleasant egg salad. They will get no more money from me.

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I had a great experience

"Maybe I am the exception here but I was very satisfied with the car detailing I got for $30. The business was professional and did a good job. I made one call to set up the appointment and it was done the next day. "

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At your own risk!

"I paid for airport limousine ride, tried to schedule online the week prior bu5 received no confirmation. I called and left 2 messages with urgent to get confirmed day and time for pick up. I only got VM. Living Social also did not answer phone. So i get another ride and as we pull away from my house theres Transgap limo coming to pick me up. But they don't call to tell me they've arrived, just sit there to rack up waiting charges and call me an hour later. So now they claim my voucher has been USED and will not offer me online refund option. I will tell others to avoid both Transgap and Living Social. I also think they are going under so not answering phones."

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do NOT use Living Social

"What a horrible company and horrible experience. My voucher was good for $32. That paid amount was NOT expired. However, the restaurant went out of business. Many of the restaurants that use Living Social are likely barely in business....or they wouldn't need to use Living Social.

You cannot email, so be prepared to call. However, their call center is only open during normal east coast business hours and the hold time is 40 mins (although they will tell you 20 mins, which will really infuriate you when it's twice that). So be ready to use your entire lunch break to call them.

Then I talk to someone who acted like she was annoyed that she had to take calls. She was not helpful and acted like I was a pain in her **** the entire time. She would not put on a supervisor or manager, because she said they don't get on phones.

This crappy, barely surviving, piece of crap company likely hires people for so little and works them so hard, that they get the most unskilled and then unhappy employees there are. Walmart has nicer employees.

I am taking them to small claims court. I suggest everyone does this with every big business that screws with them. I took Verizon to small claims court. It took a bit of my time. But they had to fly someone from their legal dept from California to Denver twice, and pay for her hotel and food. And then I won half the case and got $850 and terminated my contract early with no penalty. And it cost them far more than it cost me in terms of time to go through the process.

When it's the principle of the thing....do it.

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Can't get a hold of the vendor and Living Social support wait time is 30 minutes!

"My experience with Living Social is horrible. I purchased 2 house cleaning deals as gifts. The deal seemed great. Too good to be true. Nobody answers the phone at the cleaning company. When the voicemail picks up, it says it is full. When we finally got someone on the phone and scheduled the appointment, they cancelled the day of.

I tried to call Living Social customer support to let them know and the wait time was between 15-30 minutes to talk to someone. Who has the time to wait? There is no way to give feedback online. Will not use Living Social again.

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Awful experience from Living Social

"Worst online commerce company I've ever experienced. I bought a bluetooth fitness tracker bracelet with $24.99, which livingsocial claimed the value was $129.99. Ironically, later on I found the same product was sold at less than $10 in many other websites. They just don't allow you to cancel the order once you click on the purchase button. Even you connect with them shortly after the purchase. I have to call customer service to return it.

A few days I received my item. It looks old and cheap. After I returned the item with return label and confirmed that it was delivered, I never receive any refund.

Customer service almost doesn't exist. I called them 8 times. Each time waited 30-60 minutes, and was only be able to talk to representative one time. I would not use Livingsocial any more. They just don't know how to provide a good service and cheat you with low quality product.

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LivingSocial is Living a Lie

"After purchasing a Sam's Club membership from LivingSocial I was unable to activate it because they did not send me a voucher number. Easy fix? NO! After being on hold for 1 hour, then again the next day for ANOTHER HOUR, I cannot find any actual human to talk to me nor can I leave a message, email or otherwise. So I can just cancel, right? NO! Because the Sam's Club membership cannot be cancelled. How can a business just blatantly take your money with no intention of providing a product or service? All I want is my Sam's Club membership. It's not like I hired a gypsy to pave my driveway. Oh, wait it IS kinda like that.......Stupid me."

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