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Poor Quality

"I purchased a pair of these Ashland shoes at the RAF Lakenheath base exchange on 25 Oct 2017 for $135.00. After wearing them for 210 miles (verified on my Strava app) my right heel became very sore. Due to the wear I had put them through, the base would not refund my purchase. They suggested I go through TOMS. I started emailing TOMS UK 7 Dec 2017 about this issue. As it stands now, TOMS Uk have not been very helpful. They suggested that they might credited my account. I do not have a TOMS account, all I require is a credit into my VISA debit account.
The shoes have a serious fault with them. Inside the shoes are two pads, an upper pad your feet are in contact with & an inner pad which is next to the sole of the shoe. My heel, after 200 miles, wore through the upper pad & made contact with the inner pad. The inner pad has rivet like bits in them which caused excruciating pain in my right heel.
I can provide photos if required. The invoice number I entered is the bar code of my store receipt.

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Confusing answer missing store credit

"I brought a pair of shoes and kept returning shoes becuase they didn't fit right. I eventually gave up on the shoes and wanted my store credit back. I knew they couldn't transfer my money to someone else but saw nothing about getting my store credit back to my PayPal (of course there is a chance that it was stated but I didn't see anything about that). So, I talked to them asking and I was told yes I could get my 56 dollars back into my PayPal account. I waited 7 to 10 buisness days as they said it would take that long. Nothing happened. I talked to them again asking what happened and asked for the truth if I could get it back. They apologized and said that they will give back my store credit as soon as possible and they will email me when they do. I waited for almost a month (should have asked sooner). One day I finally noticed that my store credit went missing and I assumed it would return to me 7 to 10 buisness days. I decided to wait 10 buisness days and nothing. So, I asked them again where my money is. I was then told that I was given wrong information and that they couldn't return my money to my PayPal, great so where is my store credit then? I was told that the financial team will look into this and email me in 2 days. I doubt it but I will talk to them again. Going to get nowhere with them. They are all talk and no action. I am fine with not getting my stored credit back to PayPal but I am convinced not get my missing store credit back and I will be even more ****. I was going to buy one of there bags since I needed a new one.

Another issues is not getting a full refund. I brought a pair of shoes (wrong size) that cost around 62 dollars. I returned them not noticing that 6.32 wasn't given back to me. I brought the same shoe same price and different size and still had to pay an extra 6.32. I noticed that at checkout and got confused. When I asked if they took out a fee or something they couldn't give me an answer. After purchasing the second shoe in a different size it still didn't fit right in the end, I did get the full 62 back the second time. Don't know why I didn't get a full refund the first time I brought the shoes.

They need to get everyone who works at TOMS to know their policies. I don't want to be told twice that I can get my money back to PayPal and then be told a third time that it can't be returned. I am pretty sure that it is my money and I should have the right to get my money back, this to me is consider theft and deceit.

In the end all I got was confusing answers and no where. Got no shoes. Lost 6.32 from a refund. Now my store credit is missing and I get no information about it (maybe an email) so I am out another 56. And told I can't get my store credit back to my PayPal (which I can deal with and wanted to buy a bag anyways).

The shoes aren't all that great. They don't look nice and they just don't fit and feel good for me. I don't think they were worth the money.

Shipping was actually good. Return were easy and I always had a return slip.

Like I said they need to work on making sure everyone who works at TOMS knows there policies so that if this happened a person can get the right information. Customer service needs to be worked on.

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Worst customer service, poor materials quality

"I wish I had read these reviews before ordering from I bought a bag and it was expensive for something made of canvas at nearly 90 dollars. after the first use the material developed a hole in a spot that was covered by a canvas flap and NOT exposed to any wear. I provided clear pictures of the issue and an email describing exactly what had happened. Customer service refused to honor the warranty. I was told to mail the item back to TOMS at my own expense for "inspection." In other words, you have to pay to file a warranty claim and they still can deny said claim. Every interaction with customer service was rude and unhelpful. Most times, my issue was not even addressed, instead I received a canned response that the question would be forwarded to the appropriate department.

Two days after I gave up and decided that this was a costly lesson to never buy from this dishonest company again, I received an email inviting me to leave a review of the product on their website. Surprise surprise, the link was broken and there is no way to see the product reviews on the website.

Save your money because this company does not stand by their products, does not respect their customers, and is too incompetent to even run a working website.

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Fell apart in 4 months

"Bought a pair for my daughter for Christmas. It's now May and they are shredding and have a hole in the fabric. She has loved TOMS shoes for years and still has her original pair, but has noticed the quality slipping. This pair is the last straw - she'll never purchase them again. Too expensive to wear sporadically and still have them last only 3 months. "

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"I had been a loyal Toms customer, purchasing many pairs of shoes in the past few year. Unfortunately, I will need to change my preferences since my last order was a disaster. They sent me the wrong shoes since their "warehouse made a mistake" and now they do not have the two pairs of shoes I ordered. They offered to send me a "free return label" for the shoes that they sent to me by mistake and then, after arguing a tiny minuscule credit - less than they would even give if you refer a friend. This took one hour on the phone since they did not answer my email. So surprised and disappointed about this poor customer service experience. They completely dropped the ball."

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Now in Austraila, NOT.

"I order these shoe to be delivered to Australia. I missed to note at the bottom to the screen about the currently being US and US sizes (yes, my faulty). But after ordering them I realised and tried to change the order to the correct size **warning you cannot cancel or modify an order once placed**
These to not a problem if you live in the US. But if you live in Australia you will need to waiting 3 weeks for the shoe to be delivered and then 3 weeks to return them (at your own cost $50), and then wait for the refund.
I tried repeatedly to cancel and modify the order with their service agents less than 2 hours after ordering the shoes.
I was promised emails (which have not happen (twice))
When you go to it’s a US website. The customer service is poor and save your money and time. Order from another website if you live to Australia.
My Final note about this short saga is, I best advice from a service agent was order another pair with the correct size!!(And pay twice) And why would I do this after this poor, poor service. No thanks.


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Toms Disappointment

"Toms has fashionable and comfortable shoes which I love! Because of my recent experience with customer service I am hesitant to increase my rating. I emailed customer service five minutes after placing my order (at 7:49 am) asking to change my shipping address because PayPal gave my wrong address. It's been four days since and I just heard back from any customer service representative who informed me that because my order already shipped I will need to pay for the shipping to be intercepted. I received an email today that stated my order had been shipped on Friday night at 9:16 PM and to the wrong address. It's been four days since I contacted customer service without hearing back.

I am feeling very angry. This means that I will need to contact my old landlord and warn her that a package is coming for me and continue to stay in touch with her while I wait. I will then need to travel to my old address to pick it up. Thankfully it is not a far distance, however it is a rather uncomfortable situation that could have been easily changed. I understand that I played a role here by submitting the wrong address, but it frustrates me that such a simple mistake could have been so easily avoided. I feel a lot of negativity towards the store and that will prevent me from making future Toms purchases and especially from the Toms site. There are other brands that make fashionable and comfortable shoes, I will manage fine without buying from Toms.

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"Very bad experience with their return and processing speed for case resolving!
I returned a pair of Tom's. Drove down to their warehouse and handed my return shoes to one of their receiving dock person on August 20th, 2015 , but NO refund received so far!
I called them about 2 weeks ago about this issue. Their rep said they will forward to headquarter specialist to investigate. Not surprise, 2 weeks later, nothing done! Said their have too much stuff backed up and now they are going to have a supervisor to call me.
I will never buy shoes from Tom's directly again! too much hassle, just buy shoes in Nordstrom people! Much better customer service!!

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"I bought my first pair of classics from this website. They're amazing. So comfortable and it's totally worth it. The size was a perfect fit and they shipped fast too! #lovetoms"

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"If I could give it 0 stars I would. What kind of socially responsible company doesn't allow you to modify or cancel your order? "

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"Worst order experience ever. I ordered an item over a month ago, and repeatedly sent emails asking the whereabouts of my product. All of the emails have been ignored and when I chat online, I am told it is going to ship, but it never has. Overall terrible experience; if you want to buy TOMS, just go to a Nordstroms or other shoe store."

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"I am so relieved I have found others who have had the same horrible ordering experience as I have had with TOMS. My order somehow got "stuck" in process, the shoes were never delivered and I had to call back three times in order to get the charges reversed on my bank account. I am still waiting for the " 3-5 Business Days" for my refund and watching my bank account like a hawk. My question is this: If TOMS can't deliver my shoes to me, here in America, how the heck are they doing it in other countries? One customer service person was really nice and seemed to take me seriously but the other two that helped me could not get off the phone with me fast enough and gave me typical canned responses about my refund. Stressful experience overall."

Helpful Cool


"I love Toms mission and their shoes so it hurts when dealing with customer service was awful.

I called in and the call was answered and I could hear a lot of talk about the coming weekend for at least one minute until finally the service representative on the line felt like their conversation was finished. Then I definitely got some attitude - not sure which kind probably the why or how dare you bother me kind based on the un-held hold.

Toms customer service then denied my request to apply a discount code the day after I ordered an item. They said once an order is submitted they can't change the order in any way including applying a discount code. I don't believe that they can't apply a discount to an order. Either way, this is an example of poor customer service.

The customer service representative then had the nerve to ask if there was anything else they could help with. They didn't do anything to help me in the first place. I said no, have a nice weekend and hung up.

Helpful Cool


"It is unbelievable how bad their customer service is. I needed to return a pair of shoes and get a different size. I have emailed the company three times and still have note received a mailing label to return them. It takes them over 2 weeks to respond to an email. They claim that my shipping label wen to spam (which it did not) and I have not heard back from them again. It is now over a month since I bought the shoes. There are SO many other shoes that look exactly like Tom's that I would NEVER recommend buying from this company. If a company does not value its customers, why would you ever buy from them again? "

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"I cannot believe this one, and it happened to me. Ever accidentally hit "Reply All" instead of just "Reply" on an email? Tom's just did that to me. I had attempted on several occasions to let them know that people were getting email solicitations for knock off goods from China, directly mailed to your house. They ignored me a couple of times, I erased most of the stuff I had sent, then they denied ever receiving them, please send again, etc. I sent what I had with complete explanations (including the server address in China) and got a "Reply All" from a "Pooja Teckchandani" as follows: "Let’s leave it alone. He’s insane. He didn’t even send us the right email, so we can’t try to track anything down." Wow - just wow. Obviously they really value people. "

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